Capturing the Essence Rural India : Surajkund Crafts Fair 2014

The Surajkund Crafts fair is organized annually in the month of February. An initiative by Haryana Tourism and Government of Haryana, it showcases the talent of artisans all around the country. This year, the fortnight long fair was inaugurated by Haryana’s Chief Minister, Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

This handicrafts’ fair is a great platform for the artisans to display their work of art. As most of these craftsmen belong to the rural parts of the country, their handiworks contain the similar essence.
The fair’s ambiance revolved around spring. Cut outs of flowers, bees and animals were hanging on the trees.


This year the theme was Goa and the partner nation was chosen to be India’ s neighboring country, Sri Lanka. At the chaupal, various folk dances were being performed, even the theme state Goa had sent 14 folk dancing groups to the fair. People could be seen moving their feet along with the beats of the folk music and enjoying themselves. At the food court, Sri Lanka was dominating the rest of the food stalls.


Every year people from the neighboring states and tourists come to Surajkund and become a part of of India’s rich culture; to taste, see and feel it first hand.


Surajkund is the place where different cultures of a nation and of different nations is seen on a single platform.





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