The real riches of life : Family

Indians are known for their cultural values. Culture is embedded deep in their roots since the beginning of time. They do each and everything according to their beliefs and what their forefathers thought to be wise. Even though after centuries of traditionalism, somewhere the culture is disappearing, and so are the conventional ways of performing things. But there is one thing that is still there, even in the new generation, i.e. Respect and love for their family.


Apart from culture and traditionalism, Indians also have extended families. I am not saying that other cultures don’t, but I could only speak for the side I belong to. Indian families usually keep contact with their long distance relatives too. The respect for elders lead to maintain contact with the people you used to know in childhood. My maternal grandmother (nani) still keeps contact with her relatives with whom she had spent her childhood. I was left open mouthed when she told me about a neighbor she knew back in her hometown who by the way is still in contact with her.

I have listened to all her childhood stories and it makes me feel that she was luckier than I am. She had a bunch of people to talk to as she lived in a joint family, she must have never felt alone.


Now, we live in boxes and with only three or four people around us, isn’t it? Most of the time our parents aren’t there to spend even a little while with us as they are busy keeping a roof on our heads; and if you are two siblings, there is usually a fight going on and you either end up on your laptop, busy doing nothing or whatever that is you want to do. What we have now is a nuclear family, which consists of not more than four to five people. I feel, that our grandparents and their parents were way luckier than our generation.


But, living in a nuclear family doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the perks of an ‘extended’ family. There are times when we meet with our uncles, aunts and cousins. Believe it or not, if a person from my generation goes for a family wedding, they may find an uncle or an aunt or maybe even a cousin they have never even heard of! If there is any Indian reading this, I am sure that they must have experienced this. Honestly, it’s embarrassing when your parents ask you whether you remember that particular person you have just met, with whom you used to play in your childhood and you are blank. During this situation usually I am like ‘Oh come on mom, I don’t remember what I did a week back and you are asking me to remember a person I met like, centuries ago!’ It’s funny, really. But then again, you get to know that how deep your cultural roots are. That person (whom you just met at a wedding and turned out to be your aunt) might have meant a lot to your family.


Here’s a little thing I want to share. My parents used to leave me in the care of my maternal grandparents as they both worked. I used to spend the most of my day with my nana-nani and my aunt (my mother’s younger sister). I have heard a lot of stories about myself from my aunt as she was the one I used to be with in my grandparents’ house. The last time she visited us, she hugged me and rocked me. My grandmother laughed at this as she said that I was not a kid anymore and at that I replied to her saying, she loves me so much because I was her first kid and loves me more than my own mother. And that is true. She took care of me as if I was her own child and believe me, she loves to give me warm and big hugs, on the other hand my mother gets irritated when I try to hug her (this is the reason why I am my daddy’s girl as he loves to give me long big hugs). And mom, if you are reading this, I know that you love me too, because I know it is so damn hard to put up with me, right?


My aunt and I. She still hugs me the same way!
My aunt and I.
She still hugs me the same way!


To tell you the truth, my aunts have spoilt me silly. Well, not only me, they spoilt all their nieces. The first cellphone I had, was a gift from my aunt. Similarly, both my aunts have made sure that their nieces are spoilt top to bottom. Apart from them and my parents, I could never ever dare to forget mentioning those two people who love me and my cousins to death. They love all of us more than our own parents could ever do. Those two people are my grandparents (nana-nani). I have been very close to them as I have spent most of my childhood, and now I am spending even my adulthood with them. My grandmother has been a a very strict mother (that’s what my mom and aunts’ say) but she is a sweet and fabulous grandmother. Similarly, my grandfather was such a sweetheart. He fattened me up every summer through ice creams and sweets as he knew how much I loved them. Now, as he is gone, I miss being spoilt.


Our friends may think twice before helping us, but family doesn’t even need to think once about it, they come rushing to us when in need of help. Only family can be our best friends. It is a real blessing to have a family that loves you more than you will ever know and no one can replace them. It is sad that unless we leave them, we don’t get to know how much they meant to us. Before it’s too late, we should know the importance of family. Money, huge apartments and all of this are materialistic stuff but family is the real riches you could ever get. Actually, they are the only thing you can call yours.



{The inspiration for this particular post goes to my whole family and especially my aunt who loves me more than anything}



  1. Very nice….(although my hands were itching a few times to edit a lil something). And you’re right…she does say that you were her first child 🙂

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