Fashion for Men #3: The Mun!

It’s super stylish, sleek, gives a rugged look and any man can sport it. You can see hotest male celebs sporting this hairdo and we won’t have to wait long when it will become common amomg people in the society. I am talking about the Man Bun (also called ‘mun’). It is a serious competition to ponytails and is a favorite of long haired men.
It’s popularity is increasing among the men and over the social networking sites, it has become an ‘in’ thing as people are surfing You Tube on DIY Man Bun. Even on various blogs people are posting about it, so how can I leave this topic out?
Noa, this hairstyle is similar to a woman’s topknot but it is usually worn a little lower on the head. The hair is tied into a bun just below the crown of the head, with rest of the hair hanging loosely. It is comes in curly, messy, casual and dressy forms.
Not only metro-sexual men sport this hairdo but the Hollywood hotties like Bradley Cooper, Leonardo Di Caprio, Orlando Bloom and Chris Hemsworth have wore this hip hairstyle at various events.

Chris Hemsworth sporting a Mun
Chris Hemsworth sportin
Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom

Before I go to the DIY part, did you know that the man bun or the ‘mun’ started off as a symbol for Japanese Samurai? This hairdo is worn by Samurai mena nd Sumo wrestlers. In ancient times, men used to have long hair but having disshelved hair was considered a disgrace so, tying up their mane in the man bun became a necessity. 

Also, this Man Bun has been going around for years as footballer David Bekham and many other sportsmen were seen sporting this look while playing.

Finally, how to make a Mun!
Step 1: Apply a styling cream through wet or dry hair, use a leave-in conditioner or cream with a waxy finish.
Step 2: Smooth the hair back with your fingers so that it doesn’t look like a ballerina bun.
Step 3: Twist the hair into a rope and roll it into a circle at the crown.
Step 4: Wrap a thin elastic hair-tie around the bun a few times to secure it in place.

A few Do’s and Don’ts:
Do make sure that your hair is shampooed if you want a ‘no-trouble’ bun.
Don’t wear your mun too tight and low; it needs to be messy and needs to be tied slightly below your crown.


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