To Appreciate Music, One has to but Listen: POTF

This post is for all the music buffs out there!

My One and Only Love...
My One and Only Love…


I am not sure that many of you would have heard about this band, but don’t worry because I am here to change this fact.

Poets of the Fall is a Finnish band and they had to struggle a bit before making it big. The band consists of- Singer Marko Saaresto, Guitarist Olli Tukiainen and Keyboardist Maarkus ‘captian’ Kaarlonen. Marko sold everything he had to make it in the music industry and moved in his parents’ basement. These three guys built a studio in Captain’s living room. Later, they were joined by guitarist Jaska, bassist Jani and drummer Jari.


The band (initially these three) started from scratch in 2003 and recorded songs of various genres like pop, rock, metal and industrial sounds. After being joined by three more members, their first single came out. The band’s first single was ‘Late Goodbye’ which was by the way, written for the computer game Max Payne 2. This song made them an international sensation and they earned their first prize at the G.A.N.G awards in 2004.


The band’s genre id Alternative Rock. They have released many albums and some beyond amazing songs like, songs from their album Signs of Life, Carnival of Rust, Revolution Roulette, Twilight Theater and Temple of Thought.
Till date the albums, Signs of Life and Carnival of Rust have sold platinum in Finland. And the album Twilight Theater which was released in 2010 have sold gold till now.


I would really recommend you listening to the band because they are out of the world. You’ll come to know when you will listen them. From the lyrics to the voice of Marko, everything is beautiful.


I came across this particular band when I was in a desperate need of changing my playlist and called my Guitarist friend who made me one. (Thank you Bro!) Out of all the Rock bands, I loved them the most.


Some of the best songs by the band:
-Carnival of Rust
-Late Goodbye
(there are many more amazing songs by POTF but these four are my favorites…)


You can check the band’s official website:


If you are not into alternative rock, just give this band a chance, they may change your opinion about the genre.


I’ll be back with more Out of the World singers and bands. Until next time xD



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