The Art of Writng: Writing for Self

Power of Words

“Writing is a medium of communication that represents language through the inscription of signs and symbols, writing is a complement to speech or spoken language.” – Wikipedia

It is said that writing first evolved from economic necessity as political and cultural expansion took place. Our predecessors did not start writing straight away. Writing of words took place over a period of time and before the invention of words, written communication took place through pictures also known as pictographs.

That, is history. Whoever invented words, we should be thankful to that person. He must not have known at the time that how strong a weapon was discovered.

Writing has a sole aim: to communicate. And communicate, we do. Writing is a way to express out pain, sorrows, happiness, basically, our emotions, opinions, experiences and dreams. Whenever we write, a part of us is on paper, revealing all our thoughts and aspirations. Writing and self expression go hand in hand where we can put our feelings into words.

Whether it is a newspaper, magazine, memoir, autobiographies, biographies, reports, novels, etc, words are written to communicate something or the other to people. Our sole aim to write is again: to Communicate.

Some people have a gift of writing such emotional and sad stuff which move the readers to the core, without even experiencing it. On the other hand, there are a few writers who write about sorrow they have experienced, and yet can’t move people… It is all about the art of writing. Some people have that knack for writing and some don’t.

What I feel is, the best way to write in an amazing manner is to write from your heart. Pour all your feelings, emotions and expressions in your piece of work and voila! You’ll have a beautiful artwork. Also, not only that, if you write for yourself and not write for people, it will turn out to be a nice work too. The best way to improve is to write for yourself.

Writing also heals one’s emotions. Whenever you feel sad, happy or upset, just write. Even if nobody reads what you are writing, you at least have a feeling that you shared your sorrows or happiness, even if it was just a piece of paper.

So, whatever you feel, just write it away and see the change in you, as a whole!


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