Women’s Fashion Post #2: For the Love of Denim

It’s been quite long since I wanted a boyfriend shirt (also known as the denim shirt!). I couldn’t find the type of shirt I wanted in malls and if I did, they were too damn expensive. I thought of taking an old one from either my dad or cousin brother but it would have been too much of the ‘post borrowing work’, alteration and all…

So, the other day I went to a flee market and lo! I found the perfect denim shirt!


Denim Shirt
Denim Shirt


Also, for me, an outfit is incomplete with accessories. Remember it doesn’t matter  what you wear, what matters is, how you wear it!

I was too tempted by that neck piece so I thought of buying it too….


Black Neck-piece
Black Neck-piece


My ring which I love from the bottom of my heart. The plus point about it is, I can wear it with almost any damn outfit I own!!


It looks like a 'kind of' an Ying Yang...! Does it?
It looks like a ‘kind of’ an Ying Yang…! Does it?

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