Wedding Gowns: Various Eras of Elegance

The bride awaits her wedding day with anxiousness and happiness. Every woman spends a lot of time in choosing the perfect wedding dress for her D-day. Every bride wants to look spectacular in those white floor length, chic wedding gowns.

White, not only the color of peace and purity but also the color of grace, beauty and elegance. This post talk about different styles of wedding dresses in several eras. How the gowns used to look at a particular time and the reason behind it.

The Eras:


Middle Era

Middle Era Wedding Gown
Middle Era Wedding Gown

During the 15th century, a marriage wasn’t only between a man and a woman but also between two families. At that time marriages were more out of politics than love. Upper-class families were known by their sense of style and classiness. That’s the reason why the brides belonging from such families wore wedding gowns of rich and bold colors. The gowns were made of exclusive fabrics and had layers of fur. The sleeves were long and encompassed sharp triangular points over the hand. The wedding dresses had corseted waists and boat bodices.

White was not the color that was worn at that time, brides generally opted for bright colors, generally blue, as it was the color relating to the Virgin Mary and the color of fertility and purity.

Georgian Era

Georgian Era-Wedding Gown
Georgian Era-Wedding Gown

The only difference during this era was that the sleeves of the gowns were moved up and were puffed. The puff ended either below the shoulder blade or at the elbows. The wedding gowns of the Georgian Era had a scoop-neck.

Victorian Era

Victorian Era- Wedding Gown
Victorian Era- Wedding Gown

White became popular in 1840 after the wedding of Queen Victoria. It is said that white was the favorite color of the Queen so she decided to wear a similar colored wedding gown.

These gowns still had short sleeves but with a fitted bodice and a full skirt. Also, long trains became popular.

Modern Era

Modern Era Wedding Gown
Modern Era Wedding Gown
A knee length Wedding dress
A knee length Wedding dress

Today, brides are not afraid to mix and match various styles fir their wedding gowns. Now a days, there are several types of styles. Some brides wear long sleeved gowns, some off shoulder one and some strapless. Lace and chiffon are still used in making a gown but the style of designing has changed.

Not only different sleeves and necks, brides are also opting for knee-length wedding dresses which have broken the old tradition of floor length gowns.


Five Iconic Wedding Dresses of All Times


When it comes to some of the epic wedding gowns of all times, we just cannot not talk about these five ladies:

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly's Wedding Gown
Grace Kelly’s Wedding Gown

In 1956, Hollywood actress Grace Kelly married Prince Rainer III of Monaco. The wedding dress she wore is considered as one of the most elegant and best remembered. Her gown had a bodice with an attached under-bodice and skirt support two petticoats.

The veil was 90 yards long.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor's First Wedding Gown
Elizabeth Taylor’s First Wedding Gown

ET's neck

She may have had eight weddings but her first one could not be forgotten.

Her wedding to Conrad Hilton was attended by hundreds of celebrities. The dress she wore is considered to be one of the significant dresses of Golden Age Hollywood history. She wore a traditional white Satin gown, a gift to her by MGM.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn's Wedding Gown
Audrey Hepburn’s Wedding Gown

She was a fashion icon on-screen and off-screen. Her first marriage to Mel Ferrer was a magical moment in the fashion history. She wore a sweet-tea length skirt with a tiny waist and wide chiffon shoulders. Her feminine look was completed with a crown like wreath of fresh flowers.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress
Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress

On her wedding to Charles, Prince of Wales, she wore an ivory silk taffeta and antique lace gown with a 25-foot train. It became one of the famous dresses in the world and was a secret until the wedding.

Kate Middleton

Duchess of Cambridge- Kate Middleton's Wedding Gown
Duchess of Cambridge- Kate Middleton’s Wedding Gown

Her mother-in-law wore an epic dress, something similar was expected by the now Duchess of Cambridge, Katherine. And she did not let us down. Kate wore an ivory satin and silk net tulle for her wedding to Prince William. It is said that her dress was somewhat inspired by Grace Kelly as it had a net tulle. A blue ribbon was sewn under the dress for ‘something blue’ and the net was designed according to the Victorian style for ‘something old’.



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