Fall: My Favorite Weather

A Poem about Fall, by George Cooper
A Poem about Fall, by George Cooper


Fall, is also known as autumn in many countries, like United Kingdom, India, etc. But in countries like America and Canada, it is known as fall. The word autumn comes from an old French word autompne and in Latin, its autumnnus.

It’s October and the weather is getting not only lovely but chilly too. Cool breeze hitting your face gently, roads sprinkled with leaves, that hot cup of cocoa in your hands, what’s their not to love in fall? In all the seasons, fall is my favorite. It’s neither too hot nor too cold. It’s just perfect. During fall, you see the colors red and gold and what a sight it is to watch these colors scattered on the roads.

Fall, is basically a transition from summer to winter, indicating that the summer heat is finally gone and the weather is preparing itself for chilly white weather. I have always loved this weather, since I was a kid as I used to and still hate the dry summer heat or the sticky and humid monsoon. And winters are fine, unless it gets too cold. So, that’s the reason, fall is a perfect weather.

Just yesterday I found a poem on fall by George cooper which you can see in the picture above Also, to celebrate the weather I made myself a hot cup of cocoa and boy did it feel good!

My Steamy Hot cup of cocoa, with extra cream ;)
My Steamy Hot cup of cocoa, with extra cream 😉

So, my advice is, enjoy the weather to your heart’s content because winter is round the corner and you won’t get to experience it till next year.

And oh, another reason for loving fall, it’s Halloween time!


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