b-sshn, b-)


1. Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety.

2. A compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion.

Many people in this world suffer from various types of obsession. Be it any type of obsession, it’s not good for one’s mind and soul and for others too. If a person suffers from any type of obsession, its impact could be seen in other family members too. Some people are obsessed with objects, some with people and some with fear of catching a disease and this kind of stuff.

I have had my experience with obsession too. I did not suffer any kind of obsession problems but seen it through the eyes of an ‘audience’, not only once but more. The types of obsession I’ve observed is not very serious but it irritates the heck out of me. The best example of obsession I’ve ever seen in my life is that of my sister.

My dear little sister is a fan of the British band One direction. Oops, did I say ‘fan’? My bad, I meat she considers herself a Directioner. Her mania about the band started when she started listening to their songs. For the first few months she was behaving like a normal human being but out of the blue she was the band’s biggest fan in the whole wide world. In the process of being a directioner, she stopped listening to any other songs and to be honest, a felt a little bad for her. By listening to only these five boys, she was missing out on the best songs. But, who wants to get themselves killed by saying this to her. I think, being a fan of One Direction comes with some magical powers because since that day, she has obtained some immense hitting skills. Believe me on that, I can show you the battle wounds.

My sister would watch the videos on YouTube again and again and again. She would download the videos too and watch them till the time laptop’s battery could keep up. Then she started watching the videos on T.V too. Just for one effing song we would be tortured with so many weird songs. And when the song would come, she would increase the volume to the max and does lip sing. I am not saying that being a fan of a singer or a band is a bad thing, but one shouldn’t exceed the limits so that he/she would not be considered a maniac.

Then one fine day she got to know that her friends put up posters of their favorite stuff on the wall so she started doing the same. And believe me, the position of the posters have been changed ample of times. My poor Maroon 5 poster feels lonely on another side of the wall, so before my side too is being snatched away from me, I’ll have to add more posters! We (me, mom and dad) cannot even watch a show properly without missing some parts of it as the little princess here doesn’t want to miss a single damn word of the band she adores to NO limits. Right now, my dear sister is sitting in a movie hall, with the 3D glasses on and torturing my mom as they both have gone to watch ‘This is Us’, a 1D documentary. Yeah, you read that right, a freaking DOCUMENTARY. Man, that’s borderline crazy! When she got to know that one of her twitter friend’s write a FanFiction on wattpad, she made an account and tried to stalk me there. I lost it all when my sister called wattpad as ‘FanFiction’. Dude, FanFic is just a damn genre and she needs to know it, wattpad is so much more. I just want to get her brain back!

But we all know, it’s just a phase of the newly turned teenager, oh wait, she turned into a teenager last year. This is a phase of hormonal, crushing on cute guys’ teenager! And this phase will sure come to an end and I just hope it comes sooner…


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