Book Fair: Twice in a Year Hub for Book Addicts

My love for books acts as a magnet to the various book events that are going on in the city. Every time a book fair is held, I just cannot resist myself. The moment I come to know about a book fair, my feet itch to go there and savor the books from my eyes. Yes, I am that insane about them! As I said in a previous post, they are the drugs that I never want to get rid of.

Today, I went to the 19th Delhi Book Fair which is held every year at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Two book fairs are held every year here, one is the International Book Fair which usually takes place in February and another is this one, which is held during August or September. This year, the duration of the book fair is from August 23rd to August 31st.

Delhi Book Fair, 2013
Delhi Book Fair, 2013


I and my friend left in the morning so that we could avoid long lines for tickets and checking. After reaching there, we went to the first hall we saw and started looking out for some books. This year, The Delhi Book Fair attracted a fair amount of crowd due to its selling price. Many publishing houses were selling books at the rate of Rs 50 to Rs 100 ($0.75 to $1.50). And what’s the best thing for book lovers like me to get some amazing paperback books at such a low price.


Scholastic's Stall
Scholastic’s Stall

More than 500 stalls were set up at the book fair, from big publishing houses to small ones, everyone were selling books to promote themselves and the writers. There were some small stalls which had various schemes, ‘like buy books and get one free’ or ‘buy books at the rate of Rs 50 and Rs 100’. My eyes literally shined after looking at all those books. If it were possible, I would have bought almost half the stall (okay, maybe I am exaggerating a bit), but yeah, somewhat like that. The book fair is not only for teenagers like me, but for everyone. There were many publishing houses that were selling books for children and spiritual books for the senior citizens. It’s not that the middle aged and older people only went for spiritual books, many were seen in the stalls selling non-fiction, fiction, etc.

Books, books everywhere
Books, books everywhere


Other than books, there was a hall which had stalls selling stationary. There were many stalls for both books and stationary that was giving discounts on stuff people were buying. I never bought so much stuff from the book fair as I did this time. Luckily, I found a stall which was selling a thesaurus and dictionary at a reasonable rate and I found that offer too irresistible, not to buy. That thesaurus was a last minute buy and I love those last minute shopping.

Paper Theater
Paper Theater


It maybe twice a year thing, but Book Fairs have become a hub for all the book lovers. But, it was kind of sad that not many people enjoy reading novels as the footfall was not enough for a weekday. Even the stall owners feel that more people should come and see that what a book fair is. I have many friends who compare academic books to novels, even classic ones. But they just won’t understand the difference between them and the essence of novels. What they cannot understand, they name it ‘a waste of time’. One needs to take out time and go to the book fair. Patience is needed for buying a book as investing in a good book means many people will read it. A good book adds to your collection and you feel like adding some more every time you visit such a place. So, book lovers, go and visit book fairs, to be honest it both quenches and increases the thirst for more.


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