Women’s Fashion Post #1: Watch Your watch

Apart from shoes I am obsessed with wrist watches. If I am not wearing a watch, my attire seems to be incomplete. Fashion may come in or go out, but the essence of watches is never washed out. A watch determines a person’s sense of style. Now a days, they have become a major fashion statement, celebrities are now ditching bracelets and wearing fancy wrist watches whether it’s on the red carpet or a after party.

Now, the issue is, most women don’t know what watch to wear and when. I have seen people wearing their old leather strap watches to every other occasion. But, there are many types of watches which go with any attire you wear. All you have to do is, invest in a good watch, or you’ll be changing them as fast as Taylor Swift is changing her boyfriends.

Here are some tips of how, what and when to wear a particular watch.

  • Your everyday watch:An everyday watch is neutral and durable, of course. You have spent so much time thinking about buying a daily wear watch so don’t waste it by keeping it in your dresser. Make use of it by wearing it to formal events, to office or when you are going out for a walk or to run a few errands. Make sure to buy a sturdy watch in which you can spend years without regretting buying it.
Everyday Watch
  • Sports Watch: A sports watch can be of any type. It can be a racing watch, pilot watch or a military watch. Now, even women have started wearing watches that are sporty and loose like that of men, those are gender neutral watches. Wearing a sport watch containing compass can be of great help when you are going for camping, etc
Sports Watch
  • Fancy watch: ‘Fancy’ watches mean, those types which have a bracelet type or designer straps. These types of watches can be worn with dresses. They replace bracelets and give a fashion statement too.
Fancy watch
Fancy watch

Women may wear watches that have a snug or loose fit around the wrist, but they should never be too tight.

Don’t be afraid to wear ‘manly’ watches. They are casual, chic & modern and in fashion for women. If you like wear a loose, big dial watch. It’s like wearing pants.

Madonna in a Rolex Men's Watch
Madonna in a Rolex Men’s Watch

For women, their relationship with watches is sacred. I still remember, my mother gave me her Titan watch when I turned 13 saying that she bought it with her first salary. A few years back I almost lost it and considered myself to be very irresponsible. Fortunately, I found it in my closet a few weeks later.

In contrary to my statement in the introduction, if you style a wisely invested watch perfectly and sensibly with any type of attire, it can look great.


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