Getting My Limits pushed

To be honest I have no energy to even get up from my bed but I just wanted to vent out my frustration so here I am, writing about my uneventful day. Every day I try to leave home for my college in a good mood but the traffic leads to a sour mood. Today, everything just crossed the limits. I don’t know why but suddenly the Government decided to build elevated roads. My college is at least 4-5 km away from my from my house and it takes around 15-20 minutes to reach there (without traffic). The elevated road will go from in front of my college and boy, is that road a headache! Due to cranes and all, the traffic signal doesn’t work there so the traffic police control everything.

Today, the bus I was traveling in was jam-packed with people and I was thankful that I could breathe. I am always stuck a few miles before my college and today was no different, but today the traffic was crazy. It was either still or moving freaking slowly. One of my classmate’s was in the same bus otherwise I would have completely lost it! Imagine, you’re standing in a cramped bus where people are pushing you, stepping over your feet and a baby who was crying her lungs out. If it was possible for humans to emit smoke, you’d see smoke coming out of my ears. After 20 minutes of waiting, I and my friend decided to get off of the bus A few minutes of walking and we were in college. I am grateful that college went smooth but when it comes to me, nothing can be smooth for long. In the afternoon I was accompanied by my other friend and as there was traffic, we decided to walk to another bus stop. After reaching there, we waited for about 15-20 minutes but unfortunately we couldn’t find a bus and the ones we found… were horribly full of people. So, in the scorching heat we both covered more than half the distance. With the Sun directly staring at us and no water in our bottles, walking was not a good idea but we had no other option. By the time I reached home I was dizzy and dehydrated. Even though I had a bad pain in my legs, shoulders and back, I was grateful that I reached home in one piece.

Today my patience was tested to its limit and all that frustration and anger is now giving me a bad headache.


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