Hope in My Heart

Hope in My Heart

This is a short story for all the girls who are too scared to express their feelings to a guy they like. This is a reality so I decided to make a story by taking one instance.

© 2013 colorofthoughts




I first saw you last fall, at the beginning of freshman year in college. Being an introvert, I did not have the guts to talk to you. You were in my advertising class and for a month you did not even know that I was studying with you. Back then I just knew your name and nothing else. Then one day we boarded the same bus from college and you gave me a small smile of recognition. Nobody will ever know what I felt at that moment because it cannot be described in words. I couldn’t keep my eyes off you in the bus. That day I got to know that your stop was just before mine. The next day we again boarded the same bus and you told me that you had seen me around a few times. That was the moment when my heart fluttered rapidly in my chest.  I tried to hide my blush and said that I was in the same class as yours. During the journey back home, we made small talks while it was never anything consequential or very personal, our conversations became the highlight of my days.

The days went on and a particular event led us to exchange numbers. After that day I saw you boarding the same bus as mine in the morning as well. The first time you fist bumped me, left my hand tingling. I was happy that I was your friend now, you used to call me during exams and we discussed the whole book on the phone, we still do. We were study buddies and I was ecstatic about that because now you considered me as someone you could count on.

I got to know so much about you. I found out that you love listening to rock and metal, you adore soccer and are obsessed with Manchester United. I was surprised by the fact that you can sing, and very well at that. We have so much in common: I like rock music, I love soccer, and we adore the same teams, we like the same sitcoms. The list goes on. But you don’t know about it as you never asked me. I don’t mind as it’s more than enough for me to simply talk to you.

Whenever I pass your bus stop, my eyes always search for you. I get disappointed when I don’t see you but there are days when I find you standing at the stop, giving me a smile as you notice me in the bus. Maybe that’s the reason I always stand near the entry door of the bus, to receive your heart warming smile that lights up my world.

When our classes got reshuffled, I was hoping that you’d be in my class and somehow you are! Even though I lost some friends of mine during the reshuffling, I am glad that you are with me. During lectures I still chance little peaks at you once in a while and see your serious face. You do something funny with your nose whenever you are concentrating and it never fails to bring a smile to my face.

It’s been almost a year since we have known each other but you have never noticed me the way I want you to. I am never going to muster enough courage to tell you that I like you because I know you are not into someone like me. You like girls who are pretty and have brains. Who am I? I am not that beautiful, an average student and just not good enough for you. But still, there is hope in my heart that you will ‘see’ me the way I see you, that you’ll notice me the way I notice you. But even if you don’t, you’ll always have a place in my heart.

But still, I hope that you will notice me someday…



The same story has been posted on wattpad. You can click on the link here: http://www.wattpad.com/23241018-hope-in-my-heart?d=ud


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