Me & August


For a coffee addict like me, August is a lovely season as you get all the more reasons to drink it while it’s pouring down. Now, you may think that I’m being hypocritical as a few posts earlier I talked about being depressed by rains. Well, when you have a cup of hot coffee in one hand and a novel in the other, who really cares about the gloomy weather!

Here, it rains a lot in August which means muddy roads, carrying umbrellas and you can’t wear your new shoes (which sucks). That is a reason which is why I ‘don’t’ like this month but there is a reason why I love it! Well, the girl whose blog you are reading was born in this month! *yeah yeah call me ‘self obsessed’* But who doesn’t love their birthday month? I have some resolutions in my mind, thought I would share them:

  • Will lose some weight.
  • Will try to spend more time with my family instead of internet and television.
  • Will try to be more responsible
  • Will try to loosen up a bit and enjoy a bit more
  • Will try not to be made a fool of!
  • Will try my best to bring up my grades and make my parents happy
  • Will try to lessen my coffee intake (this one is not guaranteed)
  • And lastly, will try and act to be a Nineteen year old

So, these are the things that I would like to do as a 19 year old girl. I hope I succeed in all of them. Just realized, Mother Teresa was born on the same day of the month! Pretty cool eh?

(I was out of ideas and was dying to write something so thought of writing about my birthday! The moment I clean up my schedule a bit and come up with an idea, will write about something interesting!)


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