Toe-Curlingly Sexy: Those Pricey Thakur Girls

Toe-Curlingly Sexy: Those Pricey Thakur Girls

After completing The Kite Runner, I wanted to read another book as now a days, I was anything but busy. I neither had the heart nor will to pick up And the Mountains Echoed, another Khaled Hosseini’s work as I have had my fair share of Afghanistan for the month. With nothing to do and getting bored by reading stories online, I was suddenly reminded of my friend and neighbor who loves reading chick-lit and own millions of them. So, I went to her house and got a few books from her, one of them being Those Pricey Thakur Girls by Indian author ‘Anuja Chauhan’.

This is Chauhan’s third book, her other stories are The Zoya Factor and Battle for Bittora. I have read both of them and loved the first one the most. What I like about Chauhan’s writing is that she creates a theme in every story of hers. Like, in The Zoya Factor the story revolved around cricket and in Battle for Bittora it had a political theme. In her recent one, she has centered her story on the world of journalism, but what these three have in common is that all of them are rom-coms and defines the life of the female protagonists i.e. they are all chick-lits.

Those Pricey Thakur Girls is set in 1980’s New Delhi and revolves around a retired Judge and her five daughters who are named alphabetically, for which the sisters despise him. The first three of them are married and the fourth ‘Debjani’ is a news reader at Desh Darpan (DD), India’s only channel. Call it luck or coincidence; she meets Dylan Singh Shekhawat, an investigative journalist at India’s biggest newspaper after he writes an article on her news reading. Twists and turns occur due to which they both get closer and save each other by putting their lives and jobs at risk.

Do not consider this as a cliché romance novel, yes; the author does create an image which makes the reader know that the protagonist and her love interest are going to be together. There were moments in the story when I was turning pages and shocking discoveries were made but that only made it more interesting. We read a book to be swept off of our feet when we are least expecting it, right? The book does that to you, it sweeps you off your feet just when you are not expecting it. Anuja Chauhan sure knows how to make her readers laugh and believe me she has got that ‘witty bone’. The conversations between the characters aren’t vague and baseless; dialogs are a strong point of the author. Now, I am waiting for the sequel : The House that BJ Built, which is about the fifth Thakur Daughter, Eshwari.

Well, I took the word ‘Toe-Curlingly sexy’ from a newspaper’s review but I couldn’t agree more. It is a good read and will make you fall in love with Debjani Thakur and the sexy Dylan Singh Shekhawat.

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