How to Make Book Covers

No matter how many times we say ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’; we actually do it, don’t we? We have a tendency to buy things which please our eyes. Same is the case with books. If you’re reading a book online, apart from the synopsis we judge it by the cover too. If the cover of the book is nice we would want to read the synopsis and maybe the whole book. Recently, I have started making covers on wattpad for my stories and for others too. I am not a pro at making them but after designing quite an amount of covers, I at least have a basic knowledge as to how to make a decent cover.

Here are some basic guidelines for making a perfect book cover.

  • Simple is the Keyword: For a nice cover, keep it simple. The simple your cover is, the better looking it will be. Do not add too many elements.
  • Picture it Right: A picture speaks a thousand words. Right? So, let your picture do the talking. For making a book cover, a picture is the most important feature. Getting a right image is necessary as it describes what your story is about. Now, don’t pick a picture just because you like it, choose an image which relates to your title. Also, do not pick a picture which is too busy, you need space for the text too.


In this cover, you can see that the picture goes well with the title. It’s about the stars and the couple here is pointing towards the stars. Also, there is space for the text too.

  • The Right Font: The way in which your title is written matters a lot too. It’s better to use two fonts at the max as you don’t want your reader to get confused while reading the book’s name. If your book is a thriller, similar fonts are available in the design softwares and websites. Same goes for classy and sophisticated stories. In the end, you are your own judge.


As it is a love story, I decided to opt for a curvy and stylish font. It’s not much, but I like the simplicity in it.

  • Choosing the Right Color: I have seen many book covers on the website whose text and background gets merged and it gets very difficult to read it. Use colors for the text which are neither too bright nor too dull (Exceptions are there though). Also, while using red, do not use the pure form of red as sometimes it’s difficult to read the text because red in itself is too bright. Instead prefer different shades of red like maroon, etc.

These three are important elements of making a book cover. Well, I am not very comfortable using Photoshop for making covers, picasa is an option though but it doesn’t provide much fonts and designs. I prefer making covers on picmonkey. It has got some really cool fonts and shapes.


Also, I usually choose my pictures from

Happy Designing!


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