When it Rains

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Now it really looks like monsoon is here because it has finally started raining like that. It’s been more than a month when the weather department declared that monsoon will be a week early and I was like “Huh! They say it every year!” But on my first day of work it rained heavily. That was God’s way of telling me “This is what you get when you underestimate me” So there I was standing on the sidewalk waiting for my dad to pick me up so that I wouldn’t get wet on my first day. But, that’s all we got in the month of June. For the rest of the month there was nothing, not even a drop of water falling from the sky and that was the moment I smirked and said “I told ya.”

You could say that I am not a very big fan of rains. The sky turns gloomy; there is water everywhere, clogged roads, traffic jams, no question of going out and an extra thing to carry i.e. umbrellas. I hate carrying umbrellas!  So yes, it’s safe to say that rains depress me. But not always! There are some moments when I like to splash water and dance in the rain and enjoy myself (the last time I did that, I caught viral). I used to be that person who sulked in her room because all of her plans got cancelled as it was pouring down. Gradually, I learnt that during monsoon it was supposed to rain so I stopped making plans. As dumb as I sound, I really did that and spent my time reading or searching stuff on the internet.

As July started, it began to rain more and more and today, it started raining heavily around 11 in the morning and still it’s going on, even if it’s just a drizzle. When it started raining today I was annoyed to the core as I had plans for shopping with my mom but it came crumbling down. See, that’s why I don’t make plans! But now I am cool with it and for a change my window is open as I ‘enjoy’ the rain and type. There’s no doubt that I love that earthy smell when it is just about to rain, I love that cool wind hitting my face gently but there is some problem with the water I guess.

The View from My Window
The View from My Window

I have never been a ‘rain’ person and I don’t think that I ever will be one but I have made my peace with it. I try my best to feel good when it’s pouring down but what can I say… It’s raining after all!


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