An Experience to Remember

On June 17, 2013, I joined the country’s second largest newspaper as an intern. I was very nervous as it was my first time doing any sort of a job. The first day was ‘fine’ as I did not talk to anybody there except my mentor and after reaching home, I didn’t want to go again the next day. Well, the next day was a different day in many aspects. All the interns were called for a meeting and I got to know many of the employees there. Slowly, I started to like the place and the people there, the employees and fellow interns.

I was working under the lifestyle section, which meant I had to write about fashion and all and that scared me. The reason being, I have an aversion to fashion! Like seriously. I am that type of person who would love to wear a loose tee and boxers. I don’t really care as to what I am wearing but working under that particular section made me change my mind. I read the old editions and befriended an intern who was a fashion designing student and learnt a lot about the term I was scared of.

Not only fashion, I learnt a lot about many things. During that one month I wrote so much which improved me as a writer and as a person. The people there did not use to treat us like interns but as fellow journalists and let me tell you that is a great feeling.

I feel so proud of myself that I got 5 bylines in that newspaper, three more are expected, covered one page 3 event, got so many contacts, a hell lot of experience and most importantly, I was satisfied! I was satisfied by my work there and whatever I used to do. My internship got over yesterday and I am already missing that office, that small cup of coffee and working on a story. I don’t know when I am going to experience such a thing again but that one month was amazing.

And now I am back to procrastinating!


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