Heartbreakingly Beautiful: The Kite Runner

Heartbreakingly Beautiful: The Kite Runner


I do not have to think twice I look at a Khaled Hosseini novel, because it is bound to be beautiful. I do not have much to say about it, the book says a lot itself. I am here to tell that what I felt while reading this book.

The novel starts with Amir reminiscing about his childhood in Afghanistan. He tells that how he and Hassan were close and used to do everything together. From the starting I had a soft spot for Hassan, maybe because he found happiness in the smallest things. Amir, on the other hand was selfish, if I would say. He should have done something while Hassan was sexually abused but again, he was a child after all. If you’d read The Kite Runner, you’ll also feel that Amir was selfish but after some point you start feeling pity for him. That guy suffered a lot during his childhood and when after so many years you realize that a person, whom you considered as your friend is your half brother who is now dead, isn’t exactly a good feeling.

As I said, I during the whole book, I had a soft spot for Hassan, I developed that soft spot for Sohrab too. He suffered almost the same things as his father. When Amir goes back to Afghanistan to find Sohrab and all the difficulties he suffered, I was then reminded of Rahim Khan’s words “There is a way to be good again”. I felt relieved when Amir and Sohrab reached USA safely even though he was mute most of the time. The novel ended giving us a ray of hope. Sometimes I think that if Amir would have stopped Assef from abusing Hassan then what would have happened. But again, the story would not have taken place if that would have happened.

I do not have much to say about this book but all I can say is it is a must read.

My review: Heartbreakingly Beautiful


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