I Am Too Sexy For My Shoes

Monsoon doesn’t mean you can’t look sexy in your shoes. Do not limit yourself to sport shoes and sneakers. FYI- This is not the season for sneakers. So do NOT wear them.

Here are some footwear for the weather.

  • Flip flops


Flip flops are the stars of monsoon season. They are made up of plastic and PVC material and are easy to clean, dry and maintain. They are available in many colors for both men and women. Flip flops look chic on floral print shorts and skirts.

  • T-Strap sandals


T-Strap sandals are easy-to-maintain as they do not retain water. You even get to show off your pedicured feet and polished nails in these types of sandals.

  • Floaters


This monsoon, don’t compromise on your style. Floaters are available in many colours. They are comfortable to wear and look smart on any type of clothing.

  • Wellington Boots


Better known as gum boots. These boots protect your feet during heavy rains. They are knee high boots made with PVC material. Now a days you can find gum boots in different colors and some are even available with heels. They are Ideal for an outing.

  • Ballerinas


They are made up of PVC material and are available in lots of colors. Open and peep toe types of ballerinas are also available in the market easily. They look trendy on tight fitted jeans and middies.

(Okay, so this was the last in ‘monsoon posts’ because I don’t want to bore you people with my Monsoon Fashion Ideas.)


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