Be Trendy this Monsoon

This week it’s all about monsoon here. In this post I will be telling you about latest fashion trends for monsoon.

You have to step out in heavy rains and you are wearing your same ol’ denim jeans and the first shirt you saw when you made a sleepy entry in the closet. Really? Jeans? Once they get wet, jeans take a lot of time to get dry and it can lead to infections. Here are some tips for you for what to wear and what to carry during monsoon.

  •  Shorts and Skirts


As I mentioned above, jeans are difficult to dry off in this gloomy weather, so avoid them. Moreover, in humidity even you would not want to wear tight-fitted jeans. Try wearing printed shorts and skirts as print pattern is in fashion. Now a days really cool wrap around skirts are available in the market. You’ll look fashionable and feel comfortable too.

  • Flowy Dresses


This monsoon, pack your summer dresses and buy new chiffon and georgette ones. These types of materials have a light weight and they are comfortable to wear. Dresses can be worn anywhere, be it college, party or a hangout with friends.

  • Loose Tees


Who would want to wear tight, body fitting tops and shirts in this sticky weather? Try to wear loose T-shirts either plain or chest printed and pair them up with shorts with cool belts and feel awesome.

  • Flip Flops


Avoid heels, wedges, stilettos in monsoon as there are chances of you slipping on the roads. Flip flops are in and are available in array of colors in the market. Personally, I don’t like wearing flip-flops outside my home, but maybe someday I am going to give them a try.

  • Gum Boots


Your ‘wellies’ aka Wellington Boots are back with a bang. There was a time when they were just a necessity, now they are more than that. Gum boots are available in not only black or brown but in various colors. They are even available with heels!

  • Neon Umbrellas



Yes, you heard it right! Fluorescents are in baby! It is known as the color of the season. You will find many people wearing neon shorts and even footwears! In this gloomy weather you can take neon umbrellas with you to add some colour to the weather.

  • Waterproof Tote Bags


It’s better to keep your expensive leather bags inside your closets when its pouring down. Trendy waterproof tote bags are easily available in markets and on online shopping websites. They are cheap and your smartphones and important documents are safe from getting wet in the rain.

So, these were some monsoon ‘What to’ tips. Try this stuff out in this weather and don’t let monsoon cut out on your style.



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