Happy Feet

It’s Monsoon time here so it means that the roads are muddy and mucky. The humidity in the air leads to many fungal infections. For last one week I’ve been wearing different types of footwear and man, I have so many shoe bites that my feet are full of band-aids.

What I have noticed is, a person takes care of one’s skin and hair in different weather but why not their feet? Our feet carries our whole weight and carries us places but still we neglect them the most. Here are a few tips to take care of your feet:


Precautions to take: Try to keep your feet as dry as possible. Use some anti-bacterial soaps for washing your feet. One should avoid wearing wet socks and shoes for long. Office goers should keep an extra pair of shoes and socks in the office. Do not wear old shoes during these days as they make it more prone to bacterial infections like painful swelling of nail folds.

Home- Made Pedicure: The first thing to could do is the regular cutting of nails and filing them with a nail filer. Take a large tub with warm water. Add a few drops of essential oil, about 2 table spoon Lemon juice, a few drops of shower gel or regular shampoo to the water. For safety, you can also add some antiseptic liquid to avoid infections in cracks.

After that soak your feet for 8-10 minutes and take them out. Then rub your feet with pumice stone to take the dry skin off. Now after that you can rub the feet with some foot scrub. After this wash your feet with warm water and dry the feet with towel. Then take a nail polish and use it.

Exfoliation: Soak your feet in warm water mixed with sea salt, remove the dead skin with scrubber of pumice stone.

Anti-fungal Powder: The space between the fingers is more prone to infections so it is advisable to use anti-fungal powder containing Clotrimoxale.

Foot wears to avoid: During monsoon high heels should be avoided as one could slip on the muddy roads. Do not wear fully covered shoes as they tend to accumulate water and may result in a fungal infection.

Your feet needs some pampering too, so go and make your feet happy! 😉


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