World’s weirdest Restaurants

1. Yo! Sushi

London based restaurant, Yo! Sushi has invented a new style of food delivery. After the popularity of its conveyer belt service they have now developed the ‘first flying service tray’. It has a lightweight carbon fiber frame, two fixed cameras and its own wi-fi connection which is controlled by an Ipad app.


It is still in its experimenting stage and is not able to carry the weight of the burger it is supposed to. The flying tray is designed to land at the table but due to wind factors and low battery it flies at the knee level. How would you feel if prawn crackers are flying in the air and instead landing on your table it lands on the floor? Now you wouldn’t like to eat that, would you? And if you think this is the only restaurant with a weird technique, you are wrong!

2. Cannibalistic Restaurant


This Tokyo based restaurant serves you in a female body made up of food and is filled with sushi and sashimi. As its layer is embedded in a red sauce, the moment you cut it, the sauce oozes out giving it a bloody effect. Ouch!

 3. D.S Music Restaurant


This restaurant doesn’t have much to do with music; it is probably the one and only restaurant with a hospital theme. D.S. restaurant is situated in Taipei where it seems like bizarre is normal. From the moment you walk in the lobby, you are pushed in a wheel chair towards the table and drinks are served from i.v.

4. Hajime Restaurant


This Bangkok based restaurant is where you will be served by your hardwired hosts. Yes, you guessed it right, a robot and that too a dancing one (Yes they dance!) would be serving you. The owner of the restaurant purchased four robots for $1 Million.

 5. Le Refuge des Fondus


This restaurant in Paris provides wine in baby bottles! It is said that this tourist attraction started serving wine in these bottles as a way to avoid the French tax on wines served in proper glasses. Hope it is fun to enjoy wine in a baby bottle.

(This post is going to be published in the newspaper where I am interning…)


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