What Goes Around, Comes Around

Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is made to become unfashionable”. Isn’t it crazy that what we discard from our closets comes back in it? The stuff which was once out of fashion is back IN fashion and that too with a bang. Personally, I think that fashion never dies, it does goes out of style for the time being but the essence of it still remains there.  There are many accessories that were in style during the 50’s and 60’s and in the 21st century they are back like they never went away. There are many examples of such stuff that has come back from the previous years but my eyes have been on a few since they came back.

  • Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Wayfarers were manufactured in the 1950s and for two decades they enjoyed their popularity but soon in the 70s they suffered a slump. Whatever little research I did on them, I found out that the wayfarers are considered as the best-selling design in the history of sunglasses. Many old time Hollywood actors like Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhole, Roy Orbinson wore these type of shades. And see, suddenly after such a long gap we find Katy Perry sporting it in her music video of ‘Teenage Dream’.

I find wayfarers smart and sexy and the moment I get contacts and get rid of these spectacles, I am buying wayfarers!


Image                                                                                                    Audrey Hepburn in wayfarers 

Image                                                                                                                   Katy Perry


  • Ray-Ban Aviators

Ahaa! Don’t you love seeing these shades on a strong, tall, muscular soldier? Well, I do! These guys look so handsome in aviators.

Aviators were developed in the 1930s for protecting the pilot’s eyes, thus the reason of another name “Pilot’s glasses”. Slowly in the 1960s these glasses gained their popularity among the pop culture stars as Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Hollywood actors such as Tom cruise, Sylvester Stallone.

Image  Boy, does he look sexy! 😉

In the 1990s they faded from the limelight but soon in mid-2000s they were back in style.


  • Shutter and Oversized Sunglasses Image

Shutter glasses were always there for humorous purposes. They gained their popularity during the disco era. They sort of disappeared somewhere but now they are back again. I would not say that they are back in style but they are back in style for humorous purposes only. Nobody would like to look like a fool by wearing those!

 Oversized sunglasses were again a product of the 50s and the 60s and they too lost their popularity in later eyes but Lo and Behold, they are back people! There were times when the actresses of Golden era used to wear them and now you can see them on faces of celebrities like JLo, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardshian, the names are never ending.


I call them ‘Bee glasses’ because they make a person’s eyes as big as a bee’s! There are very few actors on whom I like these glasses.

  • Hats

Not all hats went out of fashion but some types of them did. Like, top hats and Victorian hats. Let’s be honest people, in the 18th and 19th century women used to wear these type of hats and later only the royalties. But now thanks to Kate Middelton because of whom these hats are back.


She carries it off so nicely!

Top hats were worn by men during the early and mid 1900s. The TV show ‘Mad Men’ is based during that period and you can see those types of hats. Now, you can see Bruno Mars sporting the same hats in his videos.


These are just a few things which I mentioned, there are many clothing and accessories that are back in style like wrap around skirts, Victorian style wedding gowns and what not. When something becomes outdated, new stuff is produced and so on, it’s a cycle.

Sometimes I think that probably, there’s not much innovation happening, causing us to revert back to the old fashion. But then again, who’s complaining? Enjoy today’s fashion people because who knows when it will become outdated!

But don’t you worry, what goes around, comes around.


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