My drug: Books


Do you love the smell of the old books as soon as you enter a library? Do you get that amazing feeling when you open up the package and take out that book you ordered? Do you have a cupboard that is full of books of different genres? If yes, then my dear you are a crazy reader like me.

Love for reading is in my genes, as my mother’s love for reading started in her early teens. I would say that I am a late bloomer because I hated books till the age of 14 and then suddenly one day I started reading three books per week. I don’t remember how and when I started reading but whenever I started, it was the best action I’ve ever done. Just the smell of books make my heart beat faster and my brain command my legs to move towards it. I may be exaggerating a bit, but I get somewhat the same feeling. After so many years of reading, I can officially say that I am a ‘Readaholic’. My parents have to hide the books that I’ve yet to read during the examinations. It’s crazy..! If you are an ardent reader like me, then you must understand the feeling when you press that magical buy button on a website and just can’t wait any longer for that book to be in your hands.

People dream while sleeping but we readaholics dream while reading. The moment you start reading the first few lines, it’s like you’re a part of the story. In your sub-conscious mind you take the place of the protagonist and imagine that the whole story revolves around you. You can understand and feel the emotions the character feels, it feels like everything is real, isn’t it? There are moments when your heart breaks when something bad happens and you literally bite your nails thinking “what’s next”?

People read to escape from reality, at least I do. Reading takes one’s mind off of things and helps in releasing stress too. You can get to know a lot of things while reading and it improves your grammar and vocabulary too. You are in no loss and all gain position while reading. Many times while travelling in the metro I’ve seen people reading novels and me changing positions to take a good look at them. Now, as my examinations are over, I am going to order ‘The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Housseini. You should read Housseini’s work, he is a marvellous writer.

Well, books are like a drug to me and no rehab can make me get rid of them!


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