My Wattpad Works

I was never really fond of writing and used to run away from it. But the subject I am studying, you can’t really run away from writing. I started writing in September last year and the very first thing I wrote was a story on wattpad (which I deleted within a week). Then after a few days I started writing another story and I am proud to say that I have completed it.

Here are some of my works on wattpad


  • Together Forever




“I really want to kiss you, you know. I’ve been wanting to, since our meeting at the shack.” My heart beat fastened, if it was even possible. “I want to kiss you right here, but I am not going to, okay?” He touched the center of my lower lip with his finger. I was too dazed to say anything so I just nodded. Sophie is a shy, sweet and caring girl. Her family and friends comes first on her list. What happens when she falls for the bad guy? Or she just thinks that he is a bad guy! Ryan is every girls dream. He is rich, tall, handsome and he has a perfectly toned body. Tired of random girls chasing him, he wants to be loved by a person who doesn’t love him for his money or looks. And he has found a perfect girl for whom his feelings are getting stronger with each day. Everything is just perfect in their lives, until…

{My very first story which I completed in six months. To be honest, this is not my best work, but still it’s my baby. This is a bit cliché.} 


  • Come Back to Me



Jenna is alone and broken. But she smiles and laughs, just for her loved ones. She tries to hide the pain she is suffering. She needs him back, she needs her love back. Will Jenna ever be happy again?

{This is a short story that I wrote a while back and I love it. One of my friend suggested me that I should have written a sad ending but being a sucker for happy endings, I wrote what my heart wanted. I rarely write sad stories as they depress me. I know that sad endings create a long lasting effect on people but as J.K. Rowling said “I am a writer and I will write what I want”

I am not a writer but I write what I want}

*The above sentence sounded so lame!!* 😐


  • True Friends




Evelyn is a talkative and friendly girl. But she is just not lucky in terms of friends. This is a short and sweet story of Evelyn who is trying to find that who are her true friends…

{Well, this short story is somewhat based on my life. I thought of writing this story as I was used and betrayed by my friends when I was younger and I never shared this story with anybody, so I decided to write it and it really lifted off some weight from my shoulders. I also made the cover of this story! ^.^}



To those who are reading this post, if you think that I should be given a chance, then please read these stories. I’d really appreciate it The link to my profile on the website is below:


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