Follow Your Dreams Girl…!


Yesterday, I and one of my friends were talking about major issues occurring in the world. A few minutes into our discussion we started talking about women and what they have to suffer in this cruel world. In this male dominated world, women are trying to find a way for themselves. It is said that women are raising their voices against the wrong doings towards them and coming up. I do agree, but that is a very small portion. In every part of the world, women are raped, abused, harassed and what not! They are supposed to compromise, sacrifice their happiness and take care of their families.

My question is why women? Why only women have to compromise for the sake of their family?

In many countries women are married off at a very early age, they are asked to leave their jobs after marriage. Why?

Don’t women have dreams? Don’t they want to achieve something in their life which they can be proud of…?

For most of their lives, women are dependent on their parents and after marriage, on their husbands, but when will they stop depending and create their own space, own opportunities.

For me, my mother has been a role model. She is the reason behind my thinking of ‘independence for women’. She has been in the same profession since last 23 years and still she takes care of her two children and a husband. She cooks breakfast, goes to the office, comes back home, listen to our crap and cooks dinner and more… But she has never complained about anything, ever. On the other hand, my dad cribs about his job everyday and every time and tells mom that he may lose it and we would not have enough money. The only reply my mother gives is, “I earn enough to take care of the family.”

I want to be that woman. The woman who doesn’t give a damn about the world and follows her heart.

A few years back I read an article saying that women and men cannot be equal. Women are already superior to men in every way because the only human who can bind the whole family together and is emotionally strong, is a WOMAN.

So, all the women out there just put on your seatbelts and get ready to give men some serious competition, because you have it in you.

Follow your dreams girl! Don’t let anyone or anything come in your way.

[Image copied from google. I do not own it]


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