Writing stories is not that easy!

I never had a knack for writing like many of my friends do. To be honest, writing was one of the main things I used to run away when I was in school, English was my favorite subject though. When my college started, I saw many of my classmates writing and I felt that I should start writing something too. I came across a website ‘wattpad’, where you can read and write stories. I joined the website in August 2012 and started reading there. I am an avid reader, I love to read romance and mystery but if the story is good, genre really doesn’t matter.

I read many stories on Wattpad during the first three weeks and then something clicked.

Why don’t I start writing too?

I usually live in my fantasy world (most of us do, right?), so I thought to pen down my imagination. I was excited about writing my first story so I started typing the first chapter the very day. In my mind I had the starting, the middle and the end. Very enthusiastically I picked up my diary and started writing. The minute I finished the chapter, I posted it on the website. The other day I started working on the next chapter and so on.

I came across the problems when I was in the middle of the chapter. I really did not know how to make conversations between my characters so that the flow doesn’t break. Famous authors and writers come across this hindrance too. There were days when I used to sit in front of my laptop and rack my brains on what to write and how to continue. I had my writers’ block, every writer does. But eventually I managed to continue and finish my story.

During the time when I was writing my long story, I had many ideas for some short stories too. So, when I used to get bored while writing for the same story since days, I started working on the short ones. In my opinion, the short stories which I wrote are way better than my long one.

If I have everything set in my mind related to a short story, it takes around four to five hours for me to complete it. My long story “Together Forever” consists of 25 chapters and around 46 pages. I have written two short stories “Come Back to Me” and “True Friends”.

I may not be the one of the best writer’s on Wattpad or here on wordpress, I am proud of myself that I completed something which I thought of doing since a very long time.

One advice, you need to be a good reader to become a good writer!

Please check out my stories on Wattpad. You’ll find the link below:



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