I Am Not Going To Give Up

So the other day I was home and was very excited to drive my dad’s car. I sat in the driver’s seat, adjusted the mirrors and put on my seat belt and my dad joined me in the passenger’s seat. So here we go on the driving adventure…

For the first few minutes it was great, I was driving just fine. A few cuts and we made our way to nowhere in particular, I was just driving around my block and to the busy roads.  Now, we were on a road that is not usually used by many people. My dad asked me to take a U-turn as I am a bit weak in that part. I gave the signal and slowly turned towards right but I don’t know why, people thought of using the lane that day for a change. :-X


I did not realize that some cars were coming from the other side (my fault) and I pressed the brake. My dad raised an eyebrow and asked me to be careful next time. I think my car hates me. I was slowly releasing the clutch and pressing the accelerator. As the car was in the first gear, it stopped. My dad gave me a warning that if next time the car stops in the first gear; he is going to fine me. After two attempts the car finally moved and the honking behind me finally stopped. But it wasn’t over. My dad asked me to take a U-turn one more time and guess what? The same thing happened! This time my dad was losing his patience. Let me tell you, my dad shouts a lot when I am not driving properly.

After four more U-turns and a lot more shouting I finally managed to make a proper U-turn. But my fate was not with me. When we reached near our home, I was supposed to park and parking means I have to put the car in reverse gear. I was doing fine until my dad started to shout at me when I released the clutch too early and it almost hit another car. ALMOST! But it did not. The car which I almost hit was a BMW and my dad was like shouting, shouting and shouting… The car’s windows were open and some girls were playing and when they heard my dad shouting at me, they laughed. God, it was embarrassing. Due to all the shouting I was getting confused as to what to do. Before I could say something, dad asked me to get off the car and go home. I got off and was somewhat angry and went home.

My mom saw the look on my face and asked what was wrong. I told her and she dialed dad’s number as he went somewhere after my ‘driving lesson’ and argued upon why did he shout at me when I was still at the learning stage. When she got off the phone, she came to me and explained me that I should be careful while driving and all that stuff.

Before I started writing, I was like I am never going to drive when my dad is in the passenger seat. But now I am feeling that I cannot learn properly if I give up now. No matter how much shouting and angry faces I get, I am still going to drive. I will be driving properly in no time.

I am not going to give up and backing out is not an option!


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